Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Amy at Ross Castle, Killarney

Amy is a Border Collie from Prague. She traveled here by ship with her owner just for a weeks vacation mind you. "They go everywhere together" the owner said, I love this image.

Just outside the Archbishop's Estate, Dublin

Dublin Irish faces

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Yes Ireland is GREEN

This photo probably doesn't do it justice. This is the forest on the way to Torc waterfall in Killarney National Park. It's a real twilight moment. The electric green color moss on the tree bark and the vivd green leaves and grass make it trippy. Jerry O'Connell our horse and buggy guide told us to watch out for Leperchauns. Make sure you check out Jerry and his horse Molly Malone.

Ballyvourney St. Gobnait's Grave

BALLYVOURNEY to the sacred well dedicated to Et. Gobnait. Many of the sacred wells were originally pagan shrines. The Celts believed the earth's waters were issued form the Underworld Goddess who ruled both birth and death. For them the waters represented her eternal wisdom and her life giving spirit. They believed that the easiest way to gain access to the Other world was through the divine springs and wells. Another feature here is a SHEELA-NA-GIG but more on this later because this is just cool.
I come from a Catholic background. I grew up praying on the rosary. My Nana Gin taught me how to use the rosary. As a child it had a profound effect on me in a positive way that I will always cherish. For as long as I can remember I have been having conversations with God even before I prayed with the rosaries. This gets complicated. And I won't get into my personal evolution of faith BUT for me a person who has always been interested in the study of religion, faith, philosophy and metaphysics among other types of spirituality, learning Ireland's Celtic Catholic faith is illuminating. I will touch more on this later. But to give you an example it's like be a buddhist and Catholic and the same time. Your heart feels both.

Yet another sheep

Passed this little one on the drive to Kenmare. This is what causes a slight traffic jam in Ireland

Day Three the drive from Killarney to Kenmare

More sheep! Look at these precious creatures. This combined with the mountains and lakes is extraordinary.